1. Login to your JTracker account

  2. Click on the manage Dropdown box (all the way to the right on the black navigation bar).

  3.  In the manage dropdown box, select Lead Sources. 

  4. Then select New Auto Transport Lead Source.

  5. In the domain box type in the lead campaign: leadcampaign.com (ie. autotextverified5.com)                                                                             

Auto_5: autotextverified5.com
Auto_10: autotextverified.com
Auto_QuoteMatch: autoquotematch.com
Auto_Connect_5: autoconnect5.com
Auto_Connect_10: autoconnect10.com

  6. Confirm add lead source.
  7. JTracker will automatically create a unique email address for you to receive your leads. Usually it is something like, autotextverified5.username@jttmail.com
  8. Send us the created email address to setup your lead delivery.

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