In the event the client disputes the validity of a Lead, the following criteria must be followed:

  • Client must request a Lead Return through IRELO’s Lead Portal ( with login and password provided by IRELO (if you need help logging in please contact

  • In the Portal, click on My Leads > Lead Returns

  • Client will be allowed no more than 8% of lead volume per current calendar month in Returns

  • Lead Returns must be requested within fourteen (14) days after the Lead has been received by the client

A lead can be disputed for the following reasons:

  • The phone number is disconnected

  • The name and/or email address is clearly bogus

  • The Lead is a duplicate Lead received from IRELO (same name, phone number and/or service type) within fourteen (14) days

  • The lead falls outside of the description of services agreed upon in the IO or Lead Order

Provider will either accept such dispute as valid and credit the Client’s account or reject such dispute whereupon no credit shall be given to the client and a reason will be provided for the rejection

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