Campaign Overview

The auto call connect is one of our best because typically allows you to be the first to talk to the client. The lead logic goes like this: we send you the lead exclusively, then we route the call to you exclusively. Once you are off the phone with the customer, the lead is sent to other clients campaign (either 4 or 9 - depending on your campaign). This means you will be the only one in contact with the customer looking for a quote until the phone call ends. Below are some tips for success we have gained on capitalizing on this exclusive lead to call process:

  1. The phone number you receive calls to should be a direct sales line, not your main office phone number. 

  2. The call should go to a live person and not go to a custom recording first, if possible.

  3. When the call rings to you there will be a whisper message that plays  "Incoming Irelo Connect Call" when you pick it up. 

  4. The phone number that AutoConnect calls come from will always be the same and have a Caller ID that reads IRELO CONNECT CALL. If this is not coming up on your phone, please ask your account manager for the phone number so that you can save it as a contact on your phones. 

  5. You have already received the lead details before the call comes in, making the closing that much easier. To optimize this, ask for the customers name first thing and find the lead in your system, this way you will not have to repeat the shipping details again. In turn, the client is much happier and impressed with the professionalism of your company. 

  6. If you use JTracker to quote your leads, look for the lead in the leads tab and do not search, it will be delivered by the time the call is transferred. If you have automated quoting/emails set up, the leads tab will be bypassed and the new leads will be in the quotes tab. 

  7. Finally, be confident in answering the call, the customer was told (through our recording and thank you page) that they are being connected to you directly. Thats really how fast our routing system is!

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