We always need a Credit Card (CC) Authorization filled out for any new card you would like to put on file. We cannot take the card over the phone or email. This is to protect both your company and ours from any unauthorized charges. 

We need the authorization filled out in the following way for our credit card processor:

  1. We need the Name on the Card to be filled out with the person's name on the card, NOT the company name. We know that most of our clients have company cards, however they are all issued with both a Company Name AND a Person's name. 

  2. The Name on the Card MUST match the signature. To avoid having to switch out the name in Docusign, please let your account manager know what name will be on the card.

  3. If you need to change out the name that is signing the CC Authorization, you can either contact us to switch it out and resend or you can update your self. To do so, open the Docusign and on the top green bar to the right click on Other Actions > Assign to Someone Else and complete the form.

If you have any questions please contact your account manager or email us at support@irelo.com.

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