Account Balance

The balance of you account is displayed to the right of your account status. If there is a discrepancy between what we show and your books show please let us know, we will be happy to track down the issue. Most clients should have a positive account balance, however if you have a negative account balance below to find out why.

Account Status

Your account status is displayed at the top of the portal for your convenience. We hope you always see "Status: Active" in green meaning your good to go! But, if you happen to see "Status: Not Active" in red this means your account has been deactivated and you are NOT receiving leads. Below are some reasons your account may be Not Active. If you see Not Active and you believe your account should be Active please reach out to us.

Not Active Account Status Reasons:

  • The Account Balance has dropped to $0 (lacking funds). 

  • Payment method on file has failed and the account reached $0. 

  • New Clients will appear Not Active until test lead confirmation and initial payment are received. 

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